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Easy Way To Make Turkey Carving

This technique has you carve one side of the turkey at a time so that you aren’t constantly moving the bird around. There’s no flipping or turning it from side to side. Set the turkey on the cutting board with its cavity facing you and you should only need to turn the turkey once. Simple and easy



You did it! You roasted a beautiful, golden-brown, juicy turkey. But another challenge awaits before you can dig in: carving. Don’t worry, though — carving a turkey isn’t much harder than carving a roasted chicken. You’ll need a sharp knife and a steady workstation, but not much else.


Keep Your Turkey Warm for Serving

Remember that carving is going to cool your turkey significantly , so you’ll want to serve it right away or cover it and stash in a warm oven until serving. If all else fails, warm up your turkey with plenty of hot gravy.


1 roasted and rested turkey (get instructions here)

Large cutting board, preferably with channels to catch the juices
Sharp chef’s knife
Paper towels
Serving platter

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