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Black Friday 2018 Nintendo Switch Deals Begin: Games, Consoles, And Accessories On Sale

Black Friday is now just a few days away, and 2018’s deals look to be better than last year’s. If you’re in the market for a few Nintendo deals, you can actually find some Nintendo Switch games discounted right now, as Best Buy has launched its Black Friday sale for select My Best Buy members. But the majority of the deals, including Switch bundles and games, start later week.

Many stores have already released their ads, and in some cases, their offers will be available hours or even days in advance. In terms of the Nintendo Switch console, we’re seeing an identical deal popping up in a lot of places since we first saw it in Target’s preview ad. Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will sell the system for $300, as per usual (or $299 in Walmart’s case), but the system will be a special bundle that comes with a free copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for a sub-$300 Switch, we have yet to see anyone drop the system’s price. If the aforementioned bundle doesn’t appeal to you, Kohl’s has a more expensive option that also comes with $90 in Kohl’s Cash.

A large number of Switch games are on sale, although the sheer scale of these deals is not the same as on PS4 or Xbox One, as you’d expect. Still, there are some good offers: last year’s surprisingly excellent XCOM-like, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, drops to $20 at Best Buy; Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate drops to $35 at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy; Arms goes to $35 at Walmart; and Bayonetta 2 (which includes the previous game) will be $40 at Best Buy.

Nintendo will presumably launch its own game sale through the Switch Eshop, but as of yet that has not yet begun, as is the case with the PSN and Xbox Live sales. We’ll report back if (but, more likely, when) it does.

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