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How New York plans to deploy blockchain technology

blockchain technology

NY State Assemblyman Ron Kim tells TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson how blockchain technology offers positive change for New York.

Dan Patterson: The challenge right now is stabilizing the markets, and, differentiating between potential traders, and people who might not be institutional investors, and those who are interested in block-chain development, and creating new ecosystems. How do you help with such a confusing technology? How do you help your constituents understand the benefits and pitfalls of each?

Ron Kim: I see my constituents in this particular matter— not just the people in my district— but the entire state of New York, and the committees that I serve on, corporations, with all these different committees, will have an impact on the entire state of New York.

For me, I’m trying my best to explain to the public, and to all my constituents, that just behind every new technology, there is something deeply positive that can come out of it. It’s our job, as legislators, to foster and fuel that growth.

When we allow blockchain technology to help us decentralize, and keep local entities and governments accountable, those are some long-term impacts which can really transform our democracies in a way, that should function in a healthier way.

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