Coupons Are Cool, But You Must Always Click to Save:

Amazon Coupon

Amazon Coupon

Watch for Amazon Coupon the product page you’re on. If you don’t click, it’s your loss. Just like the real world.

There’s more to learn about coupons, though…

If, for whatever reason, you want to see what kinds of things you often buy that have a coupon… go to the Amazon Couponpage and click around.

As it turns out, there were no dinosaur coupons…

Search for Amazon Coupons first!

Amazon accepts many types of coupons.

Here are some Amazon Coupon pages that you can checkout. They are mostly just affiliate links, but you might like their formatting more than the Amazon Coupon page.

Groupon, and

Not the deal hunter you used to be? Let the deals come to you.

Here’s how…

There’s at least a billion ways to get notified of sales on Amazon.

This Amazon Assistant Chrome Extension (install link) will send you notifications.

Amazon wants ALL of your data.

We -do not- recommend the Amazon Assistant, even if you love deals.

Why not?

What would lead us to not want you to save money?

Here’s why…

1. Amazon asks for permission to read EVERY website you visit.
2. Amazon wants to track your location (why do they need that?)
3. It’s easy to accidentally install the wrong extension.

Read on about #3…

This is not from Amazon, it’s not made by Amazon, it has 1 review, and it’s already scammed 78 people. It’s totally a fake.

Just avoid this Amazon product, it’s probably worse than having your puppy stolen or giving Amazon access to your car’s trunk.

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