Daily Amazon Deals, Easier to Spot & Last Longer

Daily Amazon Deals

Oh yea, let’s get to Daily Amazon Deals (2/3 deal types).

There are a fewer number of daily Amazon deals, but you usually have more time to decide and they come at pretty good discounts.

There were only 3 deals today, but each of these discounts had tons of products in them.

A small number of daily Amazon deals,

If you were to stumble across this product at the right time on the right day, you’d get this small little hint that this item was on sale for only a limited time.

Pay attention.

Don’t miss out on this deal because you missed the fine print below.

Daily Amazon Deals happen every day. Just a few products on sale for 24 hours.

If there are multiple, they will usually be of a similar type much like the lightning deals.

These are much easier to attain as they last the whole day and are only limited to the supplies Amazon carries.

All of these glasses were on sale at time of publication.

Wine anyone? Cocktail? Stirred, not Shaken? Or wait, what?

All Riedel glassware was 25% off. Sorry if you missed it!

To claim these deals follow these three golden steps:

1. Go to the “Today’s Deals” tab on the Amazon
2. Click the “Deal of the Day”
3. Add it to your cart while supplies last


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