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StarVR One, the company’s ultrawide FOV headset aimed at commercial and enterprise use, will cost $3,200 through the company’s newly opened developer program. Interested parties can apply to purchased the headset starting today.

StarVR One is the culmination of several years of StarVR prototypes. The company has focused primarily on delivering an ultra-wide field of view (210 degrees by their measure), along with advanced features like eye-tracking. In our previews with the headset we’ve been impressed with its quality and completeness.

The first production units are ready and will be made available through the StarVR Developer Program, the company announced today. For now, only select applicants will be given the option to purchase the headset, which has been priced at $3,200. It says that they expect feedback from Developer Program participants to influence their SDK and tools going forward. Currently, only select regions in North America, Europe, and Asia are eligible to purchase the headset through the developer program; be sure to check the FAQ at the bottom of the Developer Program page before applying.

The $3,200 price point is for the headset alone, and doesn’t include the tracking base stations or controllers necessary to use the headset. Because it One uses SteamVR Tracking 2.0 technology, however, it will work with any SteamVR base stations (1.0 or 2.0) and controllers, like those that come with the original Vive or the Vive Pro.

Unfortunately if you don’t already have base stations and controllers the only way to get them other than used is to buy direct from HTC which will add another $530 to your spend (tip: a brand new Vive, which includes base stations and controllers, costs $30 less than buying base stations and controllers separately, for some reason). That means that a fully operational StarVR One will cost roughly $3,700.

Hands-on: StarVR One is the Most Complete Ultra-wide VR Headset to Date

StarVR has previously said that while their headset is designed to offer a “premium” experience and is aimed at commercial and enterprise use-cases, the company will sell the headset to anyone who wants one, including consumers. It isn’t clear when the headset will become available to all, or if the $3,200 developer price will remain once the headset becomes more widely available. We’ve reached out to StarVR to learn more about their plans for the headset’s availability and pricing beyond the Developer Program.

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